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-This type of prefabricated building is more refined and quality it’s prepared with a special machine in the factory according to the design, then packaging and transportation to the work site, then the installation stage.
-The possibility of designing multi-story buildings, and using them to build houses, offices, residential camps or oil fields, and others.
-The main structure is consist of galvanized light steel profiles with truss, purline, and uses a corrugated plate for the roof, of varying thickness.
-The surfaces of the galvanized panels must be covered inside and out with cement board after that can be covered again with cementboard for the outside and Knauf for the inside if required quality work.
-Mechanical and electrical equipment can be concealed in panels of wall carcasses.
-The design's freedom in production and the elimination of the inter-panel connections.
-The building can be taken down, packed, moved, and re-installed at other locations.
-Prefabricated buildings require a flat and straight mat concrete foundation